About Us

FCG Research Institute, Inc. is an expert group that links corporations, the media and consumers.

FCG Research Institute was created in 1985, when the Fujisankei Group combined its survey and research organizations. Since then, it has consistently studied and researched daily life in Japan, and has continued to communicate the results of its studies to consumers, corporations and the media. The unique group of scientific specialists that researches daily life from a consumer perspective is known as the “Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center”. The second pillar, the Information Research Department, is held in high regard for its unique projects that support the PR activities of corporations and organizations by making maximum use of the Fujisankei Communications Group’s function as a media group.

Corporate Overview

Corporate Name FCG Research Institute, Inc.
Head Office DiverCity Tokyo Office Tower 6F
1-1-20, Aomi, Koto-ku,
TOKYO 135-0064, JAPAN
TEL +81-3-6891-8500
Established 1985
Capital ¥13,000,000
President and CEO Masami Obitsu
Executives President and CEO: Masami Obitsu
Senior Executive Managing Director: Akira Okura
Executive Managing Director: Yuji Kawakami
Director and Senior Adviser : Masao Sakai
Senior Executive Managing Director at Fusosha Publishing Inc.: Tomoyuki Shimakawa
Auditor, Executive Managing Director of Fuji Media Holdings Inc.: Shigeru Masuda
Executive Managing Director at Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.: Masaaki Taniguchi
Number of Employees 40
Shareholders Fuji Media Holdings, Sankei Shimbun
Related Sites Fuji Media Holdings, Fuji Sankei Communications Group



The Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center and the Information Research Department

The FCG Research Institute’s activities are roughly divided between two departments: the Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center and the Information Research Department.

In the Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center, the staff of the Planning Development Department and the Living Science Department release information in the form of product reports and lifestyle advice through newspapers, TV and other media, under the brand name “Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center”.

The Information Research Department supports the PR activities of corporations, universities and other organizations by providing subscriber information services and hosting seminars. It also holds Media Training sessions: hands-on seminars in the form of simulated press conferences.

The Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center performs product testing and research activities

The Center performs product testing, basic related experiments and research from a consumer perspective, subsequently releasing its results to manufacturers and – through newspapers, TV and other media – to consumers. The Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center is divided into several specialized departments: the Human Life Science Lab, the Wellness Lab, Integrated Pest Management Lab, and the Planning Development Section. Each department performs tasks suited to its unique characteristics, including merchandise testing and other sponsored research, activities including TV appearances, magazine tie-ins, and production for booklets, the web and other media.

Another major feature is that the departments can work together to handle an entire sequence of duties such as research, merchandise testing, and web or PR production.

The Information Research Department supports corporate and university PR activities

The Information Research Department hosts a wide variety of PR seminars, as well and the Fujisankei PR Forum and Fujisankei University PR Forum member information services with the goal of supporting corporate and university PR activities.

The department also holds Media Training sessions to prepare management and PR managers for press conferences in the event of a scandal. In these sessions, participants are able to experience simulated press conferences based on hypothetical incidents and accidents. Since press conferences at Media Training sessions are conducted by Sankei Shimbun (privately) and active Fuji TV reporters and executives, participants are able to experience training virtually identical to the real thing.

List of Telephone Numbers

  • Main Number: Administration Department Tel : +81-3-6891-8500 Fax : +81-3-6891-8515
  • Fuji Television Merchandise Research Center
  • Consumer Goods Lab Tel : +81-3-6891-8503 Fax : +81-3-6891-8517
  • Wellness Lab Tel : +81-3-6891-8504 Fax : +81-3-6891-8517
  • Integrated Pest Management Lab Tel : +81-3-6891-8505 Fax : +81-3-6891-8517
  • Public Relations Section Tel : +81-3-6891-8502 Fax : +81-3-6891-8517
  • Planning Development Section Tel : +81-3-6891-8507 Fax : +81-3-6891-8517
  • Information Research Department Tel : +81-3-6891-8501 Fax : +81-3-6891-8516
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